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Deleting Temp Files?

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I want to know: is it a bad idea to delete the files that are in the temp file?

I am asking this because I am trying to install a demo of a game: Monopoly Tycoon. I get a message that the disk is full or that a file can't be found in the temp folder.

Anyway, if anyone has experience with deleting the files from the temp directory, please tell me what has happened.

I wanted to try this game out before I spend my $$$$ on the game OR ask for it for christmas.
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No thats exactly what you need to do. Temp means temp. So therefore is not expected to stay on your system. On Internet Explorer you can go to tools / internet options & right in the middle of the General page you can delete temporary files. when you do that another little screen pops the box & then OK
then to close click OK again

But you said the error says your disk is full.. That would be your harddrive? Open My Computer then to C: & right click & go to properties to see the harddrive status.

Savvy :)
It is safe to delete any .tmp file but as Savvy mentioned that is not the problem.

What you need to do is clean up the hard drive. Go to my web site and follow the instructions in the index followed by the 3 red * and then run defrag.

Try to install the program and you shouldn't have any problems.
I have a 2nd hard drive and I have tried to clean up the C: drive, I honestly have. The defragmentation I have never done because it would take forever.

Deleting temp files did help me and I was able to install my program. I just wanted to make sure that deleting temp files wouldn't make my computer non functioning or something.
Boot up in safe mode and do the defrag there and also set defrag so it doesn't arrange it so your programs start faster. This will help speed up the defrag process.

Also you might want to defrag the swap file, this could have a lot to do with it.
shut the system down & come back in safe mode & do a disc cleanup, scan & defrag when you are ready to do the maintenance. It want take as long this way.

Savvy :)
And what you should do anyway is install
This is originally the WinME defrag, and it goes much, much faster.

First rename your own C:\Windows\defrag.exe to defrag.old.

Then unpack Newdefrag.exe to C:\Windows and rename to defrag.exe.

Good luck,
Wait, I have Windows 98 and how do I know this WindowsME thing won't hurt my system?

So, i do the defrag and scandisk in safemode, will it go faster?
1) It couldn't hurt your system, even if it tried...

2) There's a 95% chance it'll defrag your drive at least twice as fast.

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