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You should normally be able to uninstall Ezula in Add/Remove software.
If it informs you that some libraries are shared, keep the shared stuff.

If you can't find it in software, find the Ezula folder in Program Files, and try doubleclicking unwise.exe or setup.exe.

If that should fail as well, open the Registry editor, and drill down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run

When you locate the Ezula entry in the right pane, highlight and hit delete.
Close Regedit, and reboot.

If you're running XP, you can stop it from starting up by going to Start/Run, type Msconfig, and unchecking Ezula on the Startup tab.
Click OK, close Msconfig, and reboot.

Now try removing the folder.
If no joy, try in Safe Mode.

Good luck,
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Not open for further replies.