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Data Switching Ultra S22 Samsung

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I went back to the android after Apple I phone. However I'm having several issues. I have am esim work and a regular personal. Anytime I try and send a message from my esim the work line with a picture it says enable data switching. This is not an option I watched all the sim manager videos it is no there. So I'm not sure what to do I'm tired of having to go back and forth switching to primary lines. The other thing driving me nuts is I'm in messages using Google and it will not bring up a contact even though it's in the contacts. I've cleared the cache and still nothing. Thanks for any help
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If you are still experiencing this issue with your Samsung phone, I strongly recommend that you contact Samsung Support regarding it. They should be able to assist you with resolving it.
Scroll down to Setting a preferred SIM card on the S22

and here Samsung S22 Dual Sim Phones Tutorial
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