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CuteFTP transfer engine

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I have cuteFTP pro installed and I get this wierd message when I try to connect to a ftp server.

CuteFTP Pro could not start Transfer Engine, probably because of bad registry settings. Press 'OK' to continue and specify the correct Transfer Engine file name
When I press Ok, it gives me an open file dialog. I see the transfer engine in the folder, but when I click on it and press "Open," it gives me the above message.

BUT when I right click on the transfer engine and click open, and press cancel, the transfer engine opens and the FTP site I wish to go to connects.

I'm running cuteFTP Pro 1.0 on XP professional.
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Was there any error message in red, as well as the above one?

Which version of the Pro do you have: 2 or 3?

Have you tried reinstalling the software? Also, did you have another version, prior to this one?

When the error comes up, can you click a Details box? If so, copy/paste the contents here.


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