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This is by far the weirdest thing that has EVER happened and i would LOVE to get the data back if possible. I have not tried a system restore, because it runs Windows 2000 Pro and it does not contain this capability.

I was moving my .dbx (outlook express) files to another location or backing-up reasons.
I went to the .dbx original file location and cut the files and then (by accident) went and cut my .wab (address book) file, without pasting the .dbx files.

I quickly realized this, and I pasted the .wab files in the appropiate spot.
I know when data is cut and not pasted and a new data file is cut, the original cut file is restored back to its home directory. I went and check my home directory and there was no sign of anything.

I then immediatly performed the following tasks in an attempt to find the data, which all were a failure:

- Checked the recycle bin
- Ctrl-Z (undo)
- Check multiple locations of where this data could be
- Searched my whole hard drive for the file extensions
- I ran a "file restore" program that I have had mutliple success with in the past. It finds all deleted files and allows you to restore them. No sign of the data folders what so ever.
- Installed Outlook, in a thought that it was locate all files and attempt to import them.
- Checked the clipboard file, windows\system32\clipbrd

The folders have literally VANISHED!?!?!??! I don't understand how or where too. They were NEVER deleted and they never restored themselves to the home folder they came from.

Do you guys have ANY idea of what could have happened?
Any idea of something to try to recover the data?
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