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Custom Signatures

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My sis-in-law asked me to set up her email signatures for her business accounts. She currently has 3 accounts that she accesses thru 3 different programs (I did not set this up). The first is a web based email via, the second is a POP3 account via Outlook Express and the third is an exchange server account via Outlook.
She has had a logo created for her and is a jpg file. She must add other info to her signature (phone#'s, email and some oher info), so I inserted the jpg into Word and typed in the other info and composed the final signature in the Word document.

1. Can the web-based email program ( use custom made signatures (jpg's and postscript fonts)? I found the signature setup tab, but when I copy/paste the Word Document layout into it, it loses the jpg and the typed text appears in generic courier fonts.

2.I have been able to drop in the signature for the POP3 account using outlook Express, but it keeps dropping the jpg. Does it need to a GIF file instead of a jpg?

3. Can you add Signatures into an Exchange Server type email account using Outlook? I can't seem to find a way to add it.

She still needs to finalize her final signature for each account, but in the end, I'd like to consolidate all here emails into Outlook (provided the godaddy account is able to be setup in Outlook).

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As you may have already discovered, the email world (particularly the commercial world) avoids HTML emails these days.

In my experience most get stripped to plain text by business servers, as HTML code carries security risks.

Having HTML based email (and images cannot be carried any other way) is asking to have the emails stripped at best or quarantined at worst.
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