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custom computer

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i was thinkin bout finally buildin a custom computer 4 games and such..

it dont matter if it's an Intel or AMD processor..

im only gonna play games like BF2, CS:S, GTA:MP games like that, nothin like Oblivion..

soo could someone post some parts that would be good 4 me?

preferably the cheapest stuff :) ...

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cool cool, ok soo wit all these parts, how much am i lookin at?

like $200-$250?
i think the total is around 293, but thats with out a operating system
SouthParkXP101, you should really look at the parts before you suggest them! The RAM and motherboard are not compatible and I'm not too crazy about the motherboard or RAM anyways.....
i was simply making suggestions...... but i see my errors i am sorry:)

last night was a late night:D
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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