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custom computer

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i was thinkin bout finally buildin a custom computer 4 games and such..

it dont matter if it's an Intel or AMD processor..

im only gonna play games like BF2, CS:S, GTA:MP games like that, nothin like Oblivion..

soo could someone post some parts that would be good 4 me?

preferably the cheapest stuff :) ...

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deffinately not dual core lol..

i was told a AMD Athlon 64 would be good 4 me..

1GB of RAM would probrably be good with that processor also..

and i really dont know, i dont have the money right now....
cool cool, thanks pal :up:
awesome, thanks...

do they make anything lower than the 3700+?

is that the cheapest processor?

now i have a E-Machines case on my porch, if i could use that, i will...

u think the mobo would fit in there?
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if im right, Semprons suck :), and im sure u will agree wit me lol..

i think it is an ATX case..

i put a Compaq mobo in that case and the Compaq mobo was a ATX..
no, the case doesnt have a PSU :(...

might as well just buy a case huh?

im sure that CPU would play alot better than my Celery :)..

it plays BF2 ok online, just need more RAM..
not 2 gigs, my mobo dont even support that much lol...

maxes at 1GB..

i think i got a 512 stick 4 Christmas, and i got 1 256 stick already in the 240, soo that would be 768, should play nice then..
yeaa, any kind of custon case would work wit that mobo?
ok..if u could that's be great :)..
cool cool, ok soo wit all these parts, how much am i lookin at?

like $200-$250?
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