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Cursor Freezes and jumps on the latest update

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My cursor freezes when I'm doing something on the computer. Sometimes it becomes okay instantly but sometimes it persists for 2-4 seconds. It also seems to go away temporarily when I press Alt+Tab to change the window.
I've tried updating the driver, reinstalling it etc.
Please help. Its really really annoying馃槴
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What app is that, a particular one that does the freezing?
I don't think it's a particular app. It freezes anywhere in windows explorer, browsers, desktop......anywhere.
If I have to name an app, it would be Brave browser. But it's only because I spend more time in it.
Try disabling your browser plug-ins one by one.

Even though you say it happens also in explorer, the browser is still active in a background window, (say you switched apps and make another one in front )
I tried doing that. Still no improvement. It freezes even when the browsers are not running. In fact, it freezes just after startup. There's no particular time interval as to when it happens.
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Hey, thank you. But it's solved now. My mouse was defective (I'm such an idiot). I changed it up and now everything is good.馃槄
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