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Curious about Hijack This program

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As many people have seen in this forum, there are many things in the hijack this log. Many post their logs on thier posts and wonder what it all means. I am new to the hijack this program and was wondering if i can get a few questions answered.

1.What does hijack really do?

2.Why such a long list?

This one goes for the ones who review the log and tell us what to check

How do you know what to get rid of?

I hope that i have not been a bothersome but my curiousity got the best of me:D

Thanx for your time!:)
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ShenaniganS ,hi :)

Instead of giving you a long and intricate explanation,I link you to this site that one of the techs here made , Brendan D :

To your other question: We simply learn to spot the baddies and suspect baddies. Most of the items in an HJT-log are legimit items.

Die Hard :)
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