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I am having a problem running McAfee Antivirus on my Windows XP, Dell Dimension Desktop. The system is a year old and it has taken progressively longer to run - to the point it now takes 40 hours and scans 5,646,382 files, finding no viruses. I determined that most of these files were SSL related cyptographic certificates, located in the Documents & Settings/various user id's /Application Data/Microsoft/Crytpo and the Documents & Settings/various user id's]/Application Data/Microsoft/Protect directories. It appears that these files were created in duplicate or triplicate with every visit to a web page and were never deleted.

Upon advice
1. I renamed these folders and deleted them to the recycle bin.
2. Used the services.msc to turn off the Protected Storage Service.
3. Rebooted the PC

The PC works ok and I now am having trouble deleting these files from the Protect folder in the Recycler folder. When I try to delete of the protect folder a preparing to delete window appears, but nothing has happened for up to 10 hours. Files names are in some type of base 16
format 8alpha numeric - 4 alpha num - 4 alpha num - 4 alpha num etc.
The only way I have been able to delete them is to do a search looking for 0*.* then deleting files in 10,000 to 30,000 file batches @ 5 to 15 min per. If you delete bigger batches it tends to lock up or take longer than deleteting the same number of files in small batches. Is there an easier way of doing this?
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