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Creative Sound Card - Audio Interface Help

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Creative tech support was helpful but our problem is way beyond Creative support now.

We've broadcast live on the internet since 2003. We went off the air in 2014 and since then Creative COMPLETELY stopped supporting their Audigy Z28 Platinum Pro line in lieu of gaming sound cards.
The Plat Pro had Built In mixer ( no need for an external board) easy to use sound card, recorder and surround mixer (crossfade, etc) all in one
The sound interface required a few internal computer programming clicks and we were good to go.

For 11 years this was the line:
Plat Pro (with built in software) ~> Winamp (Shoutcast DSP) --> Audio host via DSP ~~> Site host ~~> site player --> LIVE and sounding great.
That's it.

We tried Creative's FX and many other Creative cards but it was Creative support that told us to use their 5 R/X. So we did .. What a mess.

Today the Creative 5 r/x, and most other Creative sound cards, are broadcasting software nightmares ... What u hear v Mic v Line in v Smart Recorder What you Hear v Creative Control panel Chat v Sing v internal System Sound mixer and all the buttons and adjustments necessary ONLY TO set itself back to default when it feels like it. ENOUGH! Even their tech support can't figure out why it works ... only sometimes.

Creative no longer supports the ez to use Plat Pro and from trial and error I found Creative has NOTHING easy to replace it for broadcasters.

Do you know of any Sound Card (audio interface) with good quality sound and easy to use internal broadcasting software - without resetting itself to default settings on a whim and won't break our bank?

My hosts have variety of OS but we're focused on both Win 10 and Win 8.1
(Win 10 is a mystery onto itself)

We have in place players - dsp - our streaming host - our site host - our website.. We're ready to go .. except for the internal broadcasting sound card software.

Can anyone suggest an easy, plug and play card, with EZ to use built in software. Sorta like the Z28 Plat Pro (god I miss that card) .. did I mention EZ to use and cost effective?

Any suggestions? WE'RE OPEN to your infinite internet Broadcasting wisdom.

Thanks in advance

OS: Win 8.1
Creative 5 R/X
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Look for a USB stereo mixing console. Some Youtubers use consoles from Yamaha such as the MG12XU. Behringer seems a good brand too. Get good XLR microphones. There are plenty of Youtubers that have videos telling what microphones and what mixing consoles they use.
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