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Creating template

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Hi Everybody,

Does anybody know how to create a template in Outlook Express? I know that Netscape Messenger had this option. Basically, I just need to have a copy of a message that I created, that I can call up any time and change the recipients, and then send. I've tried saving a copy of the e-mail in drafts, but when I call it up, it ends up sending my only copy (the one residing in my Drafts folder).


I'd appreciate any help.

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Sorry! :eek:

I figured out a way to do it, and I tried to delete this post but it wouldn't let me.


so tell!
what's your method

Maybe I should share. :p

I didn't find a way to create or access a template within Outlook Express. What I did is just create a message, then saved it to my desktop. Now it's sitting on my desktop as *.eml. This way, I can just double-click it, and it opens right up. Then I just throw in the recipient's addresses, and hit send. It sends a copy of the message, without removing the message from my desktop.
I know that this is pretty simple, but hey, whatever works, right?

Thats the only way in OE... "save as" the message to a file folder or desktop.

Savvy :)
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