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Creating Formulaic tables in HTML

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Boss, its taken a week or two but ive got my head round HTML coding to the stage when i view SOURCE of a random webpage it doesnt look like nonsense.

Before i continue on a path of learning Javascript / PHP i would like to know the answer to the following question.

How do i create a formulaic table (like that of MSExcel) that a visitor can enter data, get a final total and submit it to me like a form?
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It has to be done with a scripting language of some sort. PHP, ASP, etc can output results of a table based form and calculate values. you cannot do it with plain jane HTML.
Brill, Cheers.

Would you recommend learning Javascript before PHP / ASP or can each be learnt mutally from each other.

Which of PHP / ASP is more suited for the task at hand (and more difficult?)
About the same I would say. You need to learn the functions and syntax of each, but they are not too terribly difficult to learn. ASP is basically a subset of VB so it will transfer over to other visual languages. Java is also good to learn if you ever want to do any Flash programming because the action scripts are basically that.
PHP/ASP and Javascript are mainly different in one way.

PHP/ASP are server side scripting tools and Javascript is mainly a client side scripting tool. Server side Javascript is possible, but I haven't seen it being used much that way.

For your purpose, I would recommend doing it in Javascript. Its simpler that way
Anyone fancy helping me with my javascript formulaic table?

ill email the html/script ive done so far along with what the excel table im woking from if you lovely people wanna help!!
Have uploaded my table so far but getting stuck as to how to code the rest of the table across and downwards?

Have attached excel file and what i have been able to do of the html javascript so far.

please help me find the method to the solution!!


Hold the phone.

All but done this table through exploratory typing.

Having difficulty with the final total.

have uploaded most recent notepad edition.

p.s. another problem which is not so important but for aesthetics reasons is the NCD column. I can set it as a drop down using tag but then the calculation is missed from the premium??


Have worked out how to add totals.

still stumped on NCD column though?

is there a method of reducing the amount of decimal places to 2 using javascript?
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