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Creating Email Reminders From Excel

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I have created a workbook that tracks individuals qualifications that shows me those who need to renew in 90,60,30 days. I can toggle between the 3 or set different parameters if needed.

Instead of copying and pasting those details into an email i would like to be able to auto copy to another sheet and send a snapshot of the date required to renew to the individual and their line manager for 90,60,30 days

In my head I would have 3 buttons (or 4 if we could do an overdue one too) which i would press to pull through the info and send?

Is this possible and can you help??

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Hi Richard, wlecome to the forum.
Yes, your idea is possible and if you execute an extended search on this forum you'll find enough, will probably need a little tweaking to completly customize it to your needs.
You haven't mentioned the Excel version you're using and how far your VBA skills go, this last one for the tweaking of the vba code you may find.
Give it a search and then let us know. Re-inventing the wheel is not always really necessary
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