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I installed the Webwasher program on my new XP system (It is beta but said it was compatible.) It crashed on startup after I selected automatic config. I had a feeling it was due to a program running at the same time called bugosis? which informed me about webbugs. I deinstalled that, deinstalled the webwasher program and then tried reinstalling webwasher (which it then couldn't). After rebooting, my system is so slow to do anything and has almost come to a complete halt. It seems like it is checking something every time I bring up a new menu, directory, etc. I now cannot deinstall it (via add/remove programs) and I can't erase the webwasher directory or its files. (It erased half the files and the left the other ones there.) If I try to erase them individually, it only gives back a CRC error saying bad data file.

Is there any way to delete these files and let me try a new install?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

ps. I did a complete virus scan and it found nothing.


I think I just need to know how to delete files files that give me: Data Error (Cyclic Redundany Check)

I went into safe mode and tried to delete the files from the command prompt but it also gave the above error. Why is it so difficult to delete a file?

When I start in normal mode in my default user account, the system goes bizerk as it is trying to refresh an icon on the desktop which is one of the incriminating files. The icon is visible but grey out.

The system works normal if I log in as another user or as guest as that icon is not on the desktop of the other users.

Any ideas on how to delete or must I reformat?
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