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I really need to know this. (trying to help someone out) I am looking for a proper term to contact a person that would be in charge of purchasing items for thier retail store. The stores are smaller local stores.

In other words when person picks up phone
"So and so retail"

Hi May a speak to the person in charge of purchasing?

Is that the proper term: "purchasing".

or is it likely the person answering the phone would respond "purchasing what?".

Basically I need a clear and concise term to reach that person in charge of making purchases of items to sell in the store. Sure it could be the owner that does this but there has to be a more proper title that even if it were the owner they are accustomed to hearing.

I am thinking they are called purchasers but am not sure. or are they called merchandise purchasers??? or something else.

Anyway I've ranted long enough. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it and pass on the info.

Thanks again.

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Look them up on the net and see if they post their org chart, or contact list (if they are not online, a company similar to theirs).
This should give you some idea of how they "term" themselves.
It can change from industry to industry and the size the company will also determine the terminology, so you have to do a bit of homework

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First Name -

We have a purchasing dept. Most of the people who contact them say..

may I speak to the person in charge of purchasing.. or contact the buyer of

also, as a sales agent who recvs purchase order, I contact the purchasing agents also..

Usually Im saying, Im contacting th eperson who is in charge of purchase orders from ....

But honestly I think you are already on the right track and I deal with this sort of stuff on a daily basis :)
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