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Crashing games - temperature related?

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I have my new computer for a couple of months now, and right from the start I had issues with games freezing and crashing. I update my audio and video drivers on a regular basis, defragment and clean my pc every now and then, but, I still can't play big games like Sims 2 or Titan Quest more than 30-45 minutes without my computer crashing and rebooting itself,

I couldn't figure out what was causing those crashes, so a friend suggested I should take a look at the temperatures readings. So I installed "Speed fan" and "Everest".
I have the images here:

Could this be related to the game crashes, and what can I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
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Overheating can be the cause of any system crashing. When you run your basic programs does it overheat and crash as well or just with certain games? Jazz
My system crashes only when playing big games...
Have you tested your RAM, it might have bad sectors at Temperature.
Blue Screen Does not always apply with RAM issues.
I'm sorry, but how do I check my RAM? Is there a program for it?:confused:
Do you know if you have more then one stick of RAM in your computer currently?
if there is more then one you remove one stick start up your computer and play until it crashes (if it does not then you have your faulty stick of RAM, if it does then put it back in and remove another stick and continue until you find a faulty one) if you want a program to test RAM then google RAM testing applications freeware. but these may not load your RAM enough to heat it up.
memtest http:// but in all honesty i think it's more likely to be a heat issue. Have you cleaned out the pc lately? A can of air and cotton wool buds are the perfect tools for getting rid of dust build ups. Max
I ran Memtest, and no errors were found...
Then personally i would open her up, clean the hsf well with cotton wool buds (you know the ones for your ears) clean the gpu especially the heatsink and generally around any other case fans,psu fans and any dust build up areas. Even if this is not your ultimate problem, you'll still be doing your pc a brilliant service. Although i still have a feeling this will kill your problems. Good luck and be sure not to touch any components without at least resting your bare arms on the metal sides of the case at the same time xx


xx ESD
I remember doing this for my old computer every now and then, but this one is pretty new - I have it only for 3 months, so it didn't even cross my mind yet.

Could the problem be in one of the fans or the motherboard itself? Maybe some BIOS setting should be changed?
Some games can tax a system. You can try cleaning it up as suggested in post #9 and opening the side and setting a household fan on it. Jazz
Actually Nat, i just had a look at your specs and see it's quite a new system (also quite a decent one) Then what i would suggest is to make sure the cpu hsf is attached correctly. Is it the stock intel fan as they are notorious for getting misfitted. What you must do is make sure every pin is down right through the clear plastic outer pin. I find them very trying hsf's, Maybe you should consider a third party one. If of course you haven't one already. Max.
Thanks Max,
I'm not that good with hardware, but I'll try to check and see if it is attached correctly.
Can you maybe recommend a different one, just in case?

Thank you
Zalman cpns9500, I could recommend many other serious performance heatsink fans but i don't think you'll need them in anyway.. The Arctic cooler ones are also decent but the Zalman is Quiet, EFFICIENT and multi socket incase you ever want to stick it on a new computer perhaps. It's a multi award winning fan. Max ps NO i don't work for Zalman. :)
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