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CPU usage

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my CPU usage says 100% just when I am using this web page! (I also have Outlook express open and Windows Task manager) this normal as I have been having trouble burning my cd's/dvd's (time taken has increased from 10-1hour in the past to 3hours plus now!
Why has this change happened?
I am using windows XP and have a modern computer
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You could try a format. Get a clean start? Just a suggestion. how many processes are you running?
find out wich processes is using all cpu
task manager > processes
at the moment system idele process = 96%
With no programs running, look at the Task Manager > Processes tab..

Click on the CPU column header until System Idle Process shows up on top. This way it will display the programs using the most percentage of CPU processes at the top.

System Idle Process is actually supposed to be high most of the time if the computer is just sitting there not doing much of anything.

As other programs use the cpu, their percentage will go up and System Idle will go down.

Now, go about your normal work and when CPU usage on the bottom goes up to 100%, take a look at the process list and see which program is using all the CPU time.
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