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CPU temperature error

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I started My computer this morning to the message CPU temperature error and the CPU completly shutdown.. My CPU worked fine yesterday working at 76 celsius, i installed à New game yesterday
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Take off the side of your computer case
Is the CPU fan/heatsink clogged with dust????
If so get acan of compressed air and clean it out
FYI, 76 degrees was not fine, that was already too hot.
You do not state what cpu you have installed. Some run a little hotter than others however 76C is too hot. A modern intel should run in the mid 30s under a light load and up to 55C or so when stress testing. An 8core amd fx will run slightly warmer however not by more than 5C or so. The latest 8cores ie the 9xxx series do run hot and need water cooling.

In any case, you have an overheating problem. Possible causes;
1 System is dirty. Clean with a can of air
2 HSF has come loose/broken hold down
3 Dried out thermal compound. Pull the hsf and clean all parts with alcohol. Apply thermal compound and reinstall hsf.
4 Fan on cpu cooler has stopped working. Replace the hsf.
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