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CPU fan

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I'm building my hubby a new PC. I have put on many CPU fans but I always get a good case of the nerves. This fan is huge and I have to say that I'm intimated :eek: Is there a trick someone could share with me about attaching the fan to the CPU? Also the case I bought didn't come with fan so I bought two now the question is how to install them. They will be side by side do you install them the way we used to do window fans before everything became central air? One going in and one going out. Or both the same way and if so which way, in or out? :confused:
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Thanks, Jac
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Article on fan installation, may help you out, I am firm believer in the screw driver method to get the hook engaged.

Fans, depends on where they will be located, I generally have front mounted fans blowing in, rear mounted fans blowing out.
They are rear mounted fans. Next question, is there a way you can tell which way they are going to blow without hooking everything up first?
Thaks Jac
Generally they will have an arrow on the casing showing air flow direction, most will blow air out the label side that I have seen
Every fan I've ever examined has the arrow for rotation and airflow direction, normally molded into the frame.

I recommend that you have two exhaust fans BEFORE you even consider any intake fans. My personal experience, as well as the cooling guide on the AMD website, states that intake fans fequently inhibit proper cooling, rather than aid it. I had two different towers actually drop the MB temperature a few degrees, just by removing the front intake fan!
That problem is solved because I don't have any front fans at all. Just two in the back that I will have to take off and examine carefully to make sure they are taking hot air out instead of putting air through. If I have trouble I'll take pictures of the front and back and post them and you can tell me ok?
Thanks Jo
Just hold your hand outside the case behind the fans, it's obvious if they're exhausting air vs. taking it in. :)
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