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CP Technologies Hard Drive Enclosure Problem

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I recently purchased a cp technologies hard drive enclosure p/n cp-ue-308 and installed a seagate st36811a hard drive in it. The hard drive worked when it was taken out of a dell desktop. Problem is that the hard drive shows up in the device manager but does not show up as a separate drive under Windows Explorer. The newer computer that the enclosure is running on has XP. I've attached the device and disk manager screen captures.
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I see no screen captures. :)
Well, it's probably time to connect it as a secondary drive on the desktop directly, since it appears that the partition isn't properly recognized. It may be something to do with the USB enclosure.
You don't need any drivers for USB mass storage for ME/2K/XP.
win2kpro said:
The manufacturers website has a driver for this enclosure.
They're obviously for W98SE, since you REALLY don't need them for later versions of Windows.
The factory technical help dept was only able to tell me that the XP requires no drivers for the enclosure.
Like I said. ;)
Nope. However, connecting it directly to the machine as a slave drive has a better chance of succeeding than using the USB case. If you need to do any sort of data recovery, the direct connection will also be beneficial.
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