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Coupla short Windows tricks

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Got a Wheeled Mouse?
Try using the Control key with the mouse wheel.
This works a zoom function.
I know you do this for Office 2k apps as well, but in IE it just works on the text, so the page stays somewhat the same.

Delete files WITHOUT sending them to the Recycle Bin
You can delete your files without sending them to the recycle bin
Just shift-right click the file icon and choose delete from the menu that comes up.
The file when deleted will not go to the recycle bin.
BEWARE: The deleted file can not be restored.

Sometimes, it takes me a long time to reply to an email. If I did that to you: sorry. Others sometimes reply late, too. In an ongoing conversation, it's not always clear how it got started. Then it would be nice to quickly have a look at the original message. With Outlook, this is easy.
To find related messages with Outlook, open a message and select Actions | Find All | Related Messages. This brings up a search window with all related messages that Outlook could find.
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Whoaa... and not just on wheeled Mouse, this is a Genius NetMouse which has a "Balance Bar" ( I don't know how to call it - basically it is like a 3rd mid botton which rocks on a middle pivot, so it will scrolls up or down.... or side to side if the page is too narrow, provided u are on the sliding bit tho',)
You must have a PC (as opposed to a MAC.

Though MAC's are superior for graphics, the PC can handle your MACHO mouse better.
That's my opinion, but that's another thread entirely.
If you use your shift key with your mouse wheel, it will work the same as your back button for previous pages.

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