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I have had CS for quite some time, and never had any problems. But as of today it said my half life cd key was in use, and wont let me connect to any server. I have restarted my computer several times, and tried connecting to different servers, and I get the same message each time. I have never shared my cd key with anyone, so what's the problem? I thought it might have something to do with valve changing over to steam, but all my friends and classmates can connect just fine. Please help
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i don't think this has any effect on STEAM.

uhh... I think it could be that someone is using your cd key because they prolly randomly generated lol...

I've never had this problem b4 and I'm sharing CD key with a friend lol... we can play online sametime just not on same servers.

so... try re-install
..And it's not likely that 50 other people generated and used your key, so a reinstall should do.
Just turn your PC off, and turn it back on like 30 minutes later and you should be fine.
maybe u got hacked and they stole ure cd key

contact valve if it keeps happening and they will replace ure cd

I suggest U go to regedit to have YOUr CS CD key changed to another.HKEY-..-USER>SOFTWARE>VAVLE>COUNTERSTRIKE>setting---key
Well, you can't just change it to any have to have another valid CD key to change it to.
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