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Hello jb82

You can download a few differrent good programs. If you have adaware, which is excellent at detection of latest spyware, you should first make sure it is updated.

Start Adaware
If you click the status button on the left you should see a reference file number, the lastet (as of this post) is:
Reference Number : 01R279 31.03.2004. If yours is not that , update it.

If you have that reference number, Perform a scan, and repair all that it finds.

Next you can download and updateHijackThis

after you have downlaoded it, start the program and perform an update.
to do this follow these dorections:
Click the config button (bottom right)
at the top, you will see four buttons;
main:ignore list:back ups:misc tools
Click the Misc Tools button
you will now see three buttons
generate startup list:Uninstall:Check for update online
click the Check for Update online button, click ok to the alert that pops up
If you get an alert that you have the latest version (1.97.7) you are good to go.

Now click the back button (bottom right)
and finally the scan button, a list willbe generated on the right side.


Click the save log button
and save it to your desktop or other folder so it is easy to find

Now copy all that is on the list, and paste it in your next reply in this forum, we can then assist you in determining if it is a clean or dirty log, and how to repair it.

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While you are about it and before you run HJT, it would also be advisable to run Spybot S&D. Download Spybot S&D. Install it, open it and click the Search for Updates button. When updates are found, put a check mark next to all and click the Download Updates button. Now click the Search & Destroy icon in the left pane, then the Check for problems button at the bottom of the window. When the scan completes, check all the items in RED, then click the Fix Selected Problems button.

Spybot and Adaware both do essentially the same job, but each will catch things the other will miss.
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