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cotrol panel error

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Every time I try to load my compter control panel I get this error.

An error occured while working with control panel file


is there any way to fix that file or download a replacement one?

Chris Uhle
[email protected]

any help would be appreciated...
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Extract a fresh copy from your install disk or the cabs on the hard drive if you have them. I do not know what Operating System you are using. If Win95, DOS extract or Winzip will do it. IF 98 use System File Extractor. In Win Me there's anothe method. Here's a link with instructions for each OS.

Main.cpl belongs in C:\windows\system
When I doubleclick C:/windows/system/main.cpl, my mouse properties opens up.

Hmmm, learn something new everyday. :D
I tried reinstalling windows and the problem still exists..

You formatted and reinstalled or just overinstalled Windows?

When this happens, can you open Control Panel?
I deleted main. file now everything works does windows recreate that file if its damaged?

I dont know but it wokrs
What happens is if one of the .cpl files is corrupt, Control Panel may not open. By deleting that file you have removed that part of the problem. However, you need to extract a new copy.

If you look, you'll see you no longer have Keyboard, mouse and the Fonts shortcut in Control Panel.

You never said which Operating system you use.
Go back up to my origianl answer and follow those instructions to extract a fresh copy of main.cpl
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