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Copy and Paste Utility Suggestions?

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Hi, recenlty i had a huge project go way wrong and sucked up about 13 hours outta my life that should have never been...because the built-in default windows copy and paste / move utility i might add.

So after a little digging i came across a few apps that offer to do the same task but better and easier. So far ive been using teracopy 1.22. So far so errors, problems or anything yet....yet.

So basically im just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for similar file management utilites similar to teracopy and the like?

Thanks for reading.;)
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This is is a website with some good independent reviews of freeware. I think #14 might be of interest?

I use Clipomatic by Mike Lin, the guy who wrote Startup Control Panel. It's free and simple to use.
Hmmm...i guess i should have thought about my question a bit more before posting.

Im basically referring to file transfer software (or click and drag ). The teracopy ive been using is nice because its a bit faster than the windows file transfer and it allows me to pause the transfer / copy if need be. I believe it also uses some kind of file verification to ensure the files were copies correctly.

Not really the clipboard persay. But that clipomatic seems like a keeper :up:

Heres the link to tera copy if anyone is interested.
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