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Copy and paste photos

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I am trying to create a brochure to sell a house in Windows Wordpad. The brochure would include a little text and a few photos below, all on one page.
I selected a photo (jpeg format) by clicking on it, copying it to the clipboard, then pasting it to the Wordpad file. It shows up as a rectangle but not as a picture. Do I have to first reduce the picture before copying it - what else am I doing wrong?? Print preview also does not show the photo.
Tried to follow instructions in the help files, to no avail.
Thanks for any advice.
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I copy/pasted a full sized 7Mp JPG into WordPad and it worked fine. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to resize the picture in WordPad without picking up extreme artifacts, so it wouldn’t work very well for your purposes. You will have to resize the image before putting it into WordPad, but first you have to solve the workflow problem that is causing the image to not display.
I’ve tried several different approaches to pasting JPGs into WordPad and they all worked. I even copied a file directly from Windows Explorer and pasted it.
Maybe you could be more specific about your workflow. What program is the image displayed in when you right click on it and select Copy?
Wordpad would be low on my list of programs to do that job, but I made a little brochure with a couple of photos and text. It looks fine if you don’t want anything fancy. I’m guessing you just want to get the job done without learning a new program, so let’s figure out how to get the images pasted.
I would resize the images down to about 700 pixels on the longest side before pasting. You can easily make minor adjustments to the size without a lot of distortion if you start with a decent size.
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kiwiguy said:
I just tried Wordpad for this, and while I could paste a .jpg image it would not work when "inserting" the image.

Nor would it let me do anything with text on the same page.

I agree with the above, that Wordpad is probably not going to be very easy for this task, it is not designed for it.
You can do both images and text if you want it simple. You can’t have text follow curves or even have text beside the photos. But a simple document like I think fredfra is looking to do is pretty easy with Wordpad. As you can see you can have images side by side. You can also resize them and have any font and color you want. Seems it should do fine if he can figure out why he can’t paste.


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