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Constant annoying pop-up window opens on Samsung S21FE

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Suddenly I'm starting to get this pop-up window every time I wake up the screen (to be clear, the actual content is different each time):
Sky Light World Gadget Font

I clicked on "disable" up on the top left, it goes away, but comes right back the next time and every time.
Someone know how to actually disable this annoyance? Thanks!
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Is your Samsung Files folder, My Files, of your Samsung S21FE containing a lot of files or are there a lot of demanding apps running in the background? Try to enter Safe Mode and see if the pop-up still appears and let us know what the result was. Also, have you recently installed any apps on the device?
Note the small black item at the bottom left of the popup that says ad.
What do you have running when you put the phone to sleep?
These are the apps you look at which are producing the ds.
Usually the phone is just sitting at rest before timing out and I have to wake it up (I have it set to shut off after 10 min.). Often it's YouTube or My Files or Chrome I'm using before it shuts off....don't think it's just one particular app. No, not a lot of apps running in background, but I'll keep an eye on that. I did check My Files and it shows 84% full(!) Whole bunch of items in there I don't really need; I deleted some, but I've got over 100G of audio/video. I'll clear cache; that's something people often suggest, not sure if it has anything to do with this. I'll try the safe mode option tomorrow.
Did this just started recently ? If so, what was the last app that you installed? Un-install that and see what happens.
This will help you
How do I get rid of Pop-up Ads on my Samsung Phone? | Samsung Australia
see identify app

same as this link
Random Ads Showing Up On My Samsung Mobile Device
but explanation of which app is better on first link.

It is as far as I can see - an app reporting that speed has improved by 13% but I cannot get an image large enough to read it all without distortion.
it is as far as I can see - an app reporting that speed has improved by 13% but I cannot get an image large enough to read it all without distortion.
Looks like an app called phone cooler
APOLOGIES- other issues/major deadlines going on, didn't get back to this right away. Problem remains: tried these suggestions, tried following several of the guided troubleshooting lists, to no avail. Android phones seem to have differing formats: They say "do xyz," but the option isn't there, so you have to search around, don't always find it. For ex. on Samsung Internet, there are no "three dots," nothing looks like it does on their examples. Also:

“If the adverts have only recently popped up on your device, you can easily search through your recently installed applications from the Google PlayStore and uninstall your most recent apps until the ads no longer appear on your device.” For the life of me, I cannot find the “recently installed apps” anywhere, let alone a way to disable them. I hope this turns out to be a brain fart and it’s obvious, but in Google Play Store, there are NO “three dots,” NO “My Apps and Games,” nothing. And just fwiw: in the regular phone settings, they have the option marked “Pop-ups and redirects- Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects (recommended).”

BLOCK is UNTOGGLED (I find out from their screen shot).....really?? Wouldn’t one assume that you would togggle ON this setting??? In other words, so you “Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects (recommended)???”

Regardless, not trying to waste time with complaining. Bottom line is: the suggestions lead me down corridors to nowhere. Not sure how to proceed. I guess first step would be figuring out where the "recently installed apps" are. Maybe I should just call Samsung...?

NOTE: in Apps, there is no "Phone Cooler." :cautious:
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If it is an app called phone cooler. All you have to do is to go settings
apps and notifications
app info
all apps
open it and uninstall it

If you cannot get your head around that then yes I agree
. Probably should just call Samsung...?
There IS NO "apps and notifications", there is only "Apps." Phone Cooler is not in there. Furthermore, for many if not most apps, there is no option for removing/uninstalling an app; only "disable" or "force stop." If I could just go through and remove apps, I would've done it a long time ago. There is crap in there like games, etc. I have no way of removing or I would have long ago.
It was not nasty
I was only saying if you cannot find that way in then yes it is best to ask Samsung
WHICH was your suggestion
If you think it was nasty then report the topic and seek the opinion of a Moderator please

and I would also point out that this
NOTE: in Apps, there is no "Phone Cooler." :cautious:
was not originally included on your post.

This may help OR the user manual for your phone may give more info
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G - Uninstall Apps | Verizon

Apps installed by the system rathere than by you cannot be uninstalled

Finally I am most upset that you thought that me confirming your suggestion to contact Samsung, if you could not find the way to sort it was in anyway nasty
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You have been unfailingly helpful for YEARS. Maybe I misinterpreted your comment, but you said if I "can't get [my] hear around that," which in the context of what seems like a simple procedure (just follow instructions) came off as a little insulting. If I'm wrong, my apologies. I removed the comment; the last thing I want is conflict, especially with someone like you who has helped me out many times.
Honestly you did read it - differently to how I meant it
Perhaps it was my wording of

IF you cannot geat your head round that.
You will not be able to remove apps that are installed by the system
Only those you have installed, either directly or sometimes they are installed with another free one
Similar to on windows when you install some free software and it comes packaged with a free trial of some search engine or AntiVirus.

I could not read the name of the pop-up on your opening post
It was as you know someone else who read it as phone cooler - which I now have managed to see it is

Have you installed anything from Google play store
you may have acquired phone cooler that way
If you have installed from Google play store

Try this PLEASE
Delete, disable & manage unused apps on Android - Google Play Help

If that does not work next time the screen appears there are three verticle dots to the top left of the window
to the left of phone cooler
try clicking those and see what appears.
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Swipe up to open app drawer press and hold app you want to get rid off, uninstall option will show
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Thank you! I checked out the link, had same issue, so I did call Samsung, and deleted every extraneous app I didn't recognize/need. The tech confirmed that this is the best approach with unwanted pop-ups, so we'll see if it comes up again. I think one of the big issues is that different phones have different settings/formats, so what someone is directed to isn't always where it should be....or labeled the same. Regardless, hopefully this will clear up the issue. I also know that in the future I can click on the pop-up and determine where it came from. Thanks again.
Swipe up to open app drawer press and hold app you want to get rid off, uninstall option will show
Thank you for this. Plus, the Samsung tech showed me that by hitting "enable," the "uninstall" option comes up.
Yes you are right about the different phones and also it is vry much the version of Android on the phone
Every time they update the version they make come changes

It is a bit like windows - On 11 when you right click often delete is not on the context menu - you the have to click - more options to see Delete.
I sometimes think things are changed merely to keep the software writers - fully employed.

Pleased you sorted it.
I guess I'm glad I had the pop-up issue, since I learned some important things about the phone and managing unwanted apps that sneak their way in. Thanks!
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