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connecting [scanner,printer]

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I need help connecting a hp-psc-700series, scanner,printer to my Compaq Persario 5000, computer,
The printer works great:
thank god!!
but I cannot get the scanner to work at all!
so, I just was looking for some help from people {that know alot more than me, a beginner!}
I did try uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of times!
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1st,install the drivers .............and then plug in the scanner.
you need to do it this way round or windows will not see the driver files.
Steve is correct - from my experience. The scanner software needs to be installed first. The drivers should load with the software. Then plug in the scanner and let windows find and install. You can undo an previous "instal" through device manager to allow for a new install.
Right click 'My Compter' - properties - device manager - look for scanner under imaging devices. I am using Win98se.
Hey guys, Thanks for the help, I looked were ya'll told me to, under My computer. It says this device is working properly,[ not so!] it will still not scan, it still prints fine, :confused: I NEED YOU ALL!!
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