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Connecting RTX 3070 to Sony Bravia VH2

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Hello all,

I'm having trouble connecting my Nvidia 3070 to my Sony Bravia VH2 tv. When the video card is connected to the TV, I am greeted with a pink static screen (see attached).

Things I have tried to do to troubleshoot the issue:
-Soft and hard restart both the PC and the TV
-Uninstall, reinstall, and rollback Nvidia drivers
-Use the set up device feature in the tv
-Buy a whole new HDMI cable
-Create a custom resolution for the TV in the Nvidia control panel (monitor is [email protected] and the TV is [email protected], thought the refresh rate was freaking out the TV)

What in the world is causing this issue and how do I fix it?


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Can you connect a different HDMI device to see if you get the same issue.
Can you connect a different HDMI device to see if you get the same issue.
unfortunately, the issue does not persist if i use the same hdmi cable with my monitor. it seems to be isolated to using it with the tv. I've tested the other hdmi in ports on the tv, and they work fine with other devices
Try changing the color format from YCbCr to RGB or vice versa.
There should be a setting in the Nvidia control panel for it.

More info here:

Also try TV on another computer or source. If you get the same pink/purple screen could be a backlight issue.
Hello @thepunnman

I have the same issue with a RTX 3070 GPU connected via HDMI 2.1 to my Sony Bravia TV

Did you solve it?

Pls help me if you found the solution, thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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