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Connecting bluetooth device with mobile phone

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Hy, and sorry if I have missed category for my question :)
Some time ago - by mistake I have erased (disconnect) my wireless earphones from list of connected devices on my mobile phone. Now I can not connected them any more. By refreshing the list of bluetooth devices, or entering in settings there is no possibility to reconnect them again. On my laptop they work normally. Please help :)
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If your laptop is on at the time, you may need to put your earphones in pairing mode again so it's broadcasting. Make sure you disconnect them from your laptop and other devices you have connected to before trying to pair them again.

I do know that my bluetooth stuff sometimes to show up on the list. Also make sure they have full power.
As mentioned you’ll need to set the headphones into pairing mode for them to show on the phone or pc.
Thank You so much for answers :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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