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Conduit Manager quits during Hot Sync to Entourage

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I have a Mac laptop G4, running OS X.3.7
I have Entourage 10.1.6
I have Palm Desktop 4.2.1
I have Palm OS ... well, I don't actually know, but the Hot Sync on my Tungsten E Palm is vs. 5.0
I ran a utility called Handheld Sync Installer by Microsoft which was supposed to make the Entourage Conduit the "right" one and the Palm Conduits all go to a Disabled Conduit folder. All of that happened, but whenever the Hot Sync gets to my DateBook, it crashes with a message:
"The Conduit Manager has unexpectedly quit."
I am so frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas about what else might be wrong?
I've checked all my categories and they match, I've rebuilt my database in Entourage, I've checked my permissions...
:( Thanx,
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I was going to move this to PDA, but as its a Mac, you may get more help here :)


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