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I have a concern whether I am accessing the genuine Hotmail website when I log in.

For a few weeks now, every time I log in I am presented with "incorrect password" though I know it to be correct. I then re-enter the password in the box and I log in to the email no trouble. I have tried clearing cache, changing security & privacy settings, enabled hotmail as a trusted site, all sorts of things.

There is an option to sign in with standard or enhanced security and I have tried both.

I am worried whether the site presented is genuine or a phished site (the phishing filter doesn't show that it is). I'm worried whether my log in details are going to a 3rd party which then redirects my 2nd login to the genuine site.

I don't know a lot about hosts file, other than it can be a means whereby the address of a website can be manipulated to another address??

In C\windows\system32\drivers\etc I have a file called hosts and a file called hosts.msn.

Both of these state local host

Should there be a separate file called hosts.msn?

If I log in to messenger I only have to do so once - and then I can access my email inbox from there. However I get the double login with the Windows live site and by accessing hotmail through ninemsn also for example.

Any help with this greatly appreciated, as always, thanks
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