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Computers and Cars?

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Hello, i need to know if theres anyone i can talk to that knows a good ammount about putting a car into a computer. I've read hours online, and i understand cars pretty well, i've been all over but the people there aren't helful when you post a theard all they say is "search!". So getting help is limited. If there is anyone can you post back in this therad or PM me. Thanks. -cnelson. :)
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Biggest pain would be finding a place inside the car to put the box. You'd have to keep in mind that the thing would be fed from power off the battery so you're not going to have a killer fast system in there. You can buy tiny powersupplies that fit on the ATX power connector going into the mobo to limit the size of the case needed. I don't remember the name of the thing but I think it is a 230w PS. There are also more expensive but less power consuming mini-ITX motherboard/PC combos out there.

You could do a lot with a car PC besides play music. You could play DVDs, use console emulators with a USB gamepad to play games, you could even put car monitoring or performance tweaking software on the PC and do all your ECU tweaks from that PC. Basically with the right software and the right connections you could forgo the need for a seperate ECU management system or other fuel/air controllers.

You'll have to use a power inverter to connect the PC to the battery.

If you really want to keep it simple you could just use a laptop inside the car, lol! I do that for sniffing wireless networks. You can buy mounting kits for laptops that you could use to make it a semi-permenant installation.
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