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Computers and Cars?

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Hello, i need to know if theres anyone i can talk to that knows a good ammount about putting a car into a computer. I've read hours online, and i understand cars pretty well, i've been all over but the people there aren't helful when you post a theard all they say is "search!". So getting help is limited. If there is anyone can you post back in this therad or PM me. Thanks. -cnelson. :)
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Cars have them in nowadays anyways, and alot more advanced than you might think! Why would you seriously even WANT to? Music? there are what, 80GB Ipods out now? That means you can drive for literally over a month and a half all day, all night, and not hear a repeat.

New Mercedes Benz's come with Intel chips attached to cell phones and Mercedes Benz Germany can dial into any one of them and pull all kinds of info, including when the last maintenance was done. They then send you a letter stating when it is time to get an oil change. Crazy, and IMHO, scary stuff.

Give me an old 69 Camaro SS. All go, baby, that's all I need it for.
No, I know it is not difficult. I used to own a performance shop and know it can be done. But really, ever hear of KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid? And, what kind of car are you building into a show car? Why? Racing (real racing) is SO much more fun.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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