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Computer won't boot

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Problem with friend's computer. One day it was normal, next day wouldn't boot. It posts but then presents black screen saying "Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0..not found" and "Searching for Boot Record from Floppy..OK", and a blinking cursor. It won't boot from hdd, it won't boot from a floppy or even try to access it, and it won't boot from a bootable cd. Been in BIOS, everything appears to be set correctly, hdd is recognized. But no matter what boot order is entered, it won't get past the black screen. IDE cables have been reseated as well as completely changed except for floppy - no difference. Hdd replaced with new - no change. System is about 3 years old, AMD Duron 850, MB 810XP K7/ATA100. Has MB failed? Any suggestions appreciated.
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As in someones earlier post you are being a bit contradictory Mike eg;
"Searching for Boot Record from Floppy..OK"
"it won't boot from a floppy or even try to access it,"
Whats the operating sytem? I suspect it's 98 or ME.
More info please Mike.
Sorry but I don't know how to reset the mobo with jumpers.

System is Win XP Home. And yes, the message on the black screen says "Searching for Boot Record from Floppy..OK" but it hangs up there and goes no further - nothing but a blinking cursor. It never tries to access the floppy no matter how long you wait.
Have you tryed Ide confiuration in the bio's?
Do you have the mobo instruction book?If not get numbers off mobo,go to their site and download jumper instructions for reset.
I've played around in BIOS and changed multiple settings but nothing makes any difference.

He doesn't have a mobo book but I'll see what info I can find on it and go to their site as suggested. Thanks!
If you can't find the Clear CMOS jumper on the mobo then remove the coind sixed CMOS battery for a few minutes, then put it back, and power up the system. Once powered up enter the BIOS setup, load the BIOS defaults, Save and Exit. Then see if it boots.

If it still fails to boot then disconnect all but one drive. And see if boots of it. First try the original hard drive, then try just the floppy, and then just the CD-ROM with a bootable CD.

Also if you put in a new hard drive, I assume it'd be blank, then it won't boot off it until you install an operating system on it.
What bios does it have American megatrend's ??
Did remove CMOS battery - in fact, replaced it with new. Tried each drive separately but still nothing. Actual hdd is good - installed it in another machine and was ok. When I put in new hdd I had a boot disk in floppy but it never would boot to floppy. It's interesting that even with floppy complelely disconnected, that post message still appeared saying "Searching for Boot Record from floppy..OK". It's possessed!
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