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Computer won't boot after graphics card install

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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a second hand Acer Veriton S6620G, with the intention of installing a gtx750 to play some games.

Computer runs well on integrated graphics, however when I install the card it boots to the ACER logo where it gives you the option to enter into bios, but then the computer freezes and will not allow you into the bios or continue to boot.

My friend has a PC with a 500w psu, and on his PC the card boots and runs fine.

So... I upgraded the factory 300wpsu to a 500w psu in a new case. It still does the same thing.

Any ideas what this could be? I initially thought either psu or card but both have been ruled out. Computer runs fine through integrated graphics so I am really stuck.

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Does your GTX750 have power connectors, and did you hook them up??
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BIOS version?
Extra power supply is not necessary for this model.
There are some brands of GTX750 that have power connectors
here is an example Auto part Font Gadget Art Electric blue
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It is GTX750 Ti.
But you are right.
Some manufacturers give one or two sockets (OC version) and some manufacturers do not give at all.
What is exactly your model and manufacturer?
Hi Team,

Thanks for the replies. The card does not have an extra power connector and works fine in my flatmates PC.
I am away from home this evening but ill put up the exact details of BIOS and computer tomorrow.


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