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Computer turns on, off and on again...

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I got an ssd, decided to install it, took all the cables off the computer, plugged the ssd in and no other storage device, and the computer started to turn on, off and on again when I tried to start it.

I tried:
-changing the ram slot
-plugging only the hdd
-Plugging only the ssd
-plugging no storage device
-checking for loose conections on the motherboard
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If the SSD is new, return it for a refund.
Before you installed a solid state drive(SSD) in your computer, what drive was its Windows operating system installed in and running from?

You mention a hard disk drive(HDD), but you don't say if it was installed in your computer, and if it contains the Windows operating system.

Found out the used CPU I had recently bought was the problem, it died when I installed the sdd for some reason. crazy coinscidence or something else. Got the old cpu back into the machine and it works fine. Tks !
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