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Computer Technician Pay Rate?????

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yes, i am a junior in high school, and im interested in becoming a computer tech but was wondering how good of pay do they get. like hourly or whatever. i dont want to be nosey, just an estimate. thanks.
and also im reading some books by mike meyers and do you guys know any other good ways of learning more so i can get a head start in college classes. thanks again. bye
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Well when you get into High School, I would take PC classes if they have PC classes at your school.

I take PC Repair at my high school, and my teacher said computer techs used to make around $100 and hour, but now make $50 a hour do to so many people becoming comp techs. This pricing seems really high, so it's probably not right, but thats what my teacher said.
Brad: Good luck in school and your future! Here are some different categories of computer jobs. These salaries are from the year 2000. The $$$ amounts next to each category are listed as high, low and then average. Take care! angel :

AS/400 $90,000 $35,000 $58,000
Data Warehousing $140,000 $40,000 $72,000
Database Systems $145,000 $21,000 $58,000
E-Commerce / Internet $125,000 $30,000 $61,000
ERP $180,000 $45,000 $76,000
Executive Level $186,000 $50,000 $101,000
Hardware $125,000 $19,000 $55,000
Help Desk $145,000 $15,000 $42,000
Legacy Systems $90,000 $38,000 $64,000
Networking $105,000 $17,000 $54,000
New Media $70,000 $30,000 $43,000
Project Management $140,000 $32,000 $75,000
Quality Assurance $90,000 $37,000 $59,000
Technical Recruiting $79,000 $33,000 $51,000
Technical Sales $122,000 $31,000 $70,000
Technical Writing $75,000 $33,000 $52,000
Unix $115,000 $30,000 $65,000
Windows Development $104,000 $28,000 $60,000
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nice post angel :)
I think to more accurately determine your possible pay, you will also have to decide if you will be working for someone else or for yourself. Your hourly pay working for someone else will be considerably lower, but you won't have to spend a great deal of time establishing your business. Another thing is if all you are wanting to do is tech support, It will be hard for you to get $50 an hour. As Keithman said, it seems a little high, at least working for someone else. As you can see from the chart Angelize posted, average helpdesk pay is only 42,000, which on a 40 hour week is only a little over $20 an hour. If you are willing to move up into management you will probably earn more.
Originally posted by angelize56:

Help Desk $145,000 $15,000 $42,000
Wow, there's hope for me and 6 figures yet.......:rolleyes:
Originally posted by Toddles18:
Wow, there's hope for me and 6 figures yet.......:rolleyes:
I was thinking the same thing Todd :D
hey this is me again with another question. i've been reading some earlier posts about this and this is my question. once i get certified and such, is it hard to land a job as a comp. tech? thanks again
I paid a guy recently $60.00 to blow the dust out of my computer and add an extra memory bar, chip, whatever its called. (I opened my HP computer and was totally lost as to how to get to the memory bar area, so I needed help). He worked at our local computer store. I was very happy when I picked up my nice clean computer the next day and he said it only took him a half hour, so my bill was only $30.00. I think $60.00 is just the right amount for minor "fixes". I'll go back to him again for sure.
I was willing to pay the $60.00 per hour when I thought it was the minimum.
Half an hour still sounds a little long, but as long as you were happy with the finished job then thats great. $30 total for the cleaning and the install sound's like a pretty good price for that amount of work. You should be very pleased with that.
In reality it probably only took 10-15 minutes but I'm not complaining. Yeah I was pleased. Now I only wish I would have added MORE memory. I thought doubling it would make a huge difference, but it did not.
My HP computer had 64 ram and I doubled that to 128. I am still kicking myself for not going all the way to the maximum of 256 ram. But at this point, I might as well wait until I replace the computer with a new one. My new dell laptop came with 256 ram and I can tell the difference every day between the two.
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