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Computer starts by itself

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my comp is starting up itself every 2-3 hours ive checked the running programs when it does this and ive noticed a programe which says (scan reg) which isnt the norm in my running programs can anyone help me i feel quite lost and at my wits end trying to figure it out.:eek:
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Scanreg is a noramally occuring program that checks your registry for problems at startup. The starting thing sounds like a bad switch or one that is stuck. It almost sounds like you are only putting it into suspend mode and not powering it off. If it is a newer PC you sometimes have to hold the power button on for a few seconds to shut it off completely.
Or you could have "Wake on Lan" enabled. Assuming your PCs connected to a phone line, power the PC down and then call the the phone number of the phone line that's plugged into the modem. Let it ring for at least two minutes. Does it power itself on?
i hope this isnt bothering you but im new to cumputers and i forgot to add that i am shutting down my computer by the normal shutdown mode and this does not envolve the power button so does this make a diffrence to youre reply
If you mean you click on Start>Shutdown, select "Shutdown", click on OK and then Windows shuts down and you hear the PC power itself off, then everything's fine there. Your not leaving it in Suspend mode by mistake.
The dreaded reboot loop....LOL Try this supplement for Win98 first....assuming you are using Win98

Install it and see what happens.
all right little brother you still having the same probs then ?
if you like ill try to come over thursday and check it all out for you
why didnt you phone me back ??
i am using windows me plz help
I agree with Bryan the problem is probably caused by the wake on lan function enabled. There is a jumper usually installed that can be removed or a bios setting can be changed. Have Casper come look at it if you are unfamiliar with the insides and bios.
Have you tried what I suggested above to call the phone number of the phone line that's connected to the PC and see if the PC boots up when the number is called?

If not, try it. Power off the PC. Then call a friend and ask them to ring the phone number for at least two minutes and see if the PC starts up on it's own.

Let us know what happens.
i will try that out and get back to you , what does wake on Lan mean is it a specific comand and how could this have been set.

thankyou yet again for all youre help you's are the greatest !
Wake on Lan is a very neat Idea that can be used to access your computer. Lets say if you are cross country and need some info off your home or work system. You are able to call and wake your computer up and retrieve the info and shut it back down.
cheers then and hope you have a prosperouse new year
And it's very easy to turn off. It's just a setting in the BIOS setup but first test to see if that's what causing the PC to power on by itself.
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