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Computer Slowed Down Suddenly

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Hey, everyone.
I built myself a computer a few years ago and apart from some common first-build issues, it was working fine for a while. About 1 year ago, my CPU started overheating more and more quickly (At the end it was getting to 100C after 30 seconds of the PC being on, followed by the PC turning off). After trying numerous fixes, changing the thermal paste, etc., I changed the 1-year-old AIO with the stock fan from the CPU and it started working fine again, until recently. One of my RAM sticks recently gave out and the PC wouldn't turn on. I removed the stick that didn't work and left the other one and once again, everything was fine. Currently, there are no actual crashes, overheating, etc., but the PC has slowed down by a huge amount, compared to when I first built it. For reference - I used to run Minecraft with shaders and a hyper-realistic texture pack and maxed out settings at 100-120fps. Currently, I have removed all shaders, and texture packs and lowered most settings so I can get it back up to over 100fps, and it doesn't even reach 144. Another game that used to run perfectly was League of Legends - maxed out at 1440p, it wouldn't budge from 144fps, currently, at 1080p, it's running at 100-140fps.
The CPU seems to be working fine (As I am writing this, 40.65C and 4% usage), and the GPU is showing up as expected and doesn't seem to be overheating either. The (now 16GB) of RAM is at 36% usage at idle (maybe that's an issue?) and everything else seems to be working just fine. What could be causing this slowdown? Should I replace the RAM altogether, or buy a new AIO or something? Thanks.
Ryzen 5 5600X
32GB RAM (Now 16, after I removed one of the sticks) at 2667MHz (I have XMS turned off)
RTX 3070
MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Motherboard
AIO was the Lian-Li Gallahad (currently the stock one from the CPU)
EVGA Gold 850W Power Supply
Hard drives are 2 SSDs and 1 NVMe, if that matters for some reason

OS is Windows 10 64-bit
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Hello PetarP,

32GB RAM (Now 16, after I removed one of the sticks) at 2667MHz (I have XMS turned off)
The above will be your problem, Ryen CPUs do not like slow RAM and now that you have removed a stick dual channel is disabled and the remaining stick therefore can only work in single channel at 1333MHz which will be causing both a bottleneck and high memory usage.

For best performance a matching pair of DDR4 3200MHz RAM would be best.
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A few thoughts;
The (now 16GB) of RAM is at 36% usage at idle
That is somewhat high for the system at idle. I run 16Gig of ram and my system is at 19% at idle AND this system really should have a clean install since it has been a while
2 There are other components that can overheat in addition to just a processor and video card. The southbridge can get hot, voltage regulators on the motherboard can get hot, etc
3 Have you done a clean install lately? If not, that would be one of the first things I would try since it costs nothing. On a fast system, it takes all of 10min or so to clean install win11, another hour to install drivers, etc and you are done. As a test, you can make an image of your system as it is now. Boot with a win10/11 install usb and clean install (deleting ALL partitions on the system drive) install windows, drivers, etc. If this improves your FPS, great. If not, it takes all of 5min to restore the image and you are right back where you were before you did the install

Here is a pick of my personal system at idle showing ram usage @19%


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Got you beat @crjdriver I run 16Gig of ram and my system is at 13% at idle :D
Got you beat @crjdriver I run 16Gig of ram and my system is at 13% at idle :D
Yeah, like I said, this system really needs a clean install....
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I just did a clean install of Windows 11, currently installing some games and drivers. I also formatted all of my disks just in case. I turned on CPU boost and XMP from the BIOS. I also tried playing around a bit more with the RAM, since I never really diagnosed the issue and here's what I found:
Both RAM sticks work perfectly fine on their own in slot 1. (I'll refer to them as stick 1 and stick 2 although they're the same)
Stick 1 in slot 1 with stick 2 in slot 3 works but only reads 16GB of RAM. Stick 2 in slot 1 with stick 1 in slot 3 doesn't boot.
Stick 1 in slot 1 with stick 2 in slot 2 works and reads 32GB of RAM but I get a warning that they arent in the optimal slots (no dual channel I guess) and speed is at 2667MHz. Any other configuration of the ram sticks simply doesn't boot. What's causing this and should I keep them in slots 1 and 2 at 2667 with no dual channel but at 32GB or should I removed 1 and keep 16GB but at 3600MHz?
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The memory controller for all modern processors is part of the processor. Do you by chance have an old am4 processor you can install for testing?
Nope, no old processors.
You have a possible board or processor problem. The best way to narrow down the issue would be to swap parts. I did check the support page for your motherboard and there are bios updates that address memory issues/compatibility. If you are not running the latest bios, I would think about updating the motherboard bios.

FWIW I am no fan of msi motherboards and would suspect the board over the processor however it can be either one causing the memory problems.
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