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computer slowdown and no internet

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I have a 1.6 GHz 512 DDR ram system running Windows XP, and all of a sudden, on that computer, the internet stopped working. it is networked with the computer that i am writing this on, and we can still veiw each others' files, but the internet doesnt work. Also, after i close internet explorer (to see if the internet works), the computer sagnificantly slows down. When i view the processes, I see that explorer.exe is using up from 75-99 percent of the CPU and around 200,000 K of memory. Can I fix this without a reformat? (I haven't installed any programs lately and I have already checked for viruses). Maybe I have to change a setting? THanks for your time.
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Try running System Restore and select date before the problem began.

To access the System Restore Wizard, click Start, and then click Help and Support. Click Performance and Maintenance, click Using System Restore to undo changes, and then click Run the System Restore Wizard.

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and if that dosent do the trick go here.
and download "startuplist" run the application,copy/paste the result in a post here.
good luck.......and welcome to T.S.G.

I've already tried system restore and it said that it couldn't restore to that point, and I have already disabled all of my startup items yet the problem still persists. I'm thinking of just reinstalling Windows, and I was just wondering: can I reinstall Windows XP without deleting everything on my hard drive?
Thanks guys.
XP is reinstalled without overwriting personal files or installed programs by using the "Repair" rather than the "Setup" option from the CD.;EN-US;Q315341&

For extra protection, make sure any critical personal files are saved in the My Documents folder.

That may or may not fix the problem.

You may be a victim of the issue identified here:;en-us;317751
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