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Abit SE6 mainboard
PIII 800 EB processor
Western Digital 40GB HDD
Maxtor 15GB HDD
Creative 6x DVD
HP 9300 CDRW
Case w/250W power supply

I actually have other hardware as well, but it is currently not installed while troubleshoting:
-3Dfx Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
-USR performance Pro modem
-Soundblaster Live! value
-3Com NIC
-DVD decoder card

I removed all peripheral cards while troubleshooting this problem:
The computer just shuts down at random,sometimes it'll let me click on things for a few minutes, others it crashes as soon
as I click on something.
I had a harddisk failure, so I was reinstalling a new HDD when this problem came up--I went on vacation for two weeks
Came back and the puter wouldn't boot--found bad HDD and replaced, reloaded all equipment, ran into this problem
Suspected hardware, tried new drivers--no luck
reformatted c:- removed above cards, reinstalled win98SE--problem still exists
Speculating on these items:
mainboard bad
RAM bad
Power supply dying

Any ideas?

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Hi jimzdat, I think the power supply may be too small for all of your hardware.....

Try running for awhile with just the main hard drive and see if the shutdowns persist.

Also, I'd be suspicious of a potential overheating situation, especially with that many drives, the heat can build up fast.

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Also check that the PSU fan is spinning, if it is, try cleaning the dust out of it, if it is not spinning then there is your trouble and do the same for the CPU fan.
Carefully blow away any dirt and dust from the mobo.
Remove and re-insert the RAM.

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