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Computer running slow

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The computer I am working on is running very slowly, printing, opening files, you name its slower than molasses.

System specs:
AMD Duron 1000Mhz
40gb, 5400 HD with XP Home installed
80, 7200 Data drive
DSL Internet Service

I have already post a Hijack This log in the security forum and the replies say there is nothing wrong. Could it be the slow HD installed or should I be looking elswhere?
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Just a thought,but have you thought about disabling startup items that you don't need to start on bootup.Having too much stuff in there can slow your system down dramatically.The only things I allow to start on bootup on my machine are my anti virus and firewall.

Also go here:
and check out the service configurations,there are a lot of services that you can disable to help your system run better and faster
Also here,one might pick up something the other misses:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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