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computer restarts itself

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I am having a weird problem with my computer lately. It will suddenly restart itself. Just and its doing it. I havent installed any new software or hardware, and I haven't done anything dramatic to it. Scandisk doesn't find anything and Norton AV with the most recent definitions finds nothing. Has anyone ever had this problem before? How can I fix it? I can tell you that the last time it happened (last night) I was formatting a floppy disk on drive:A. This doesn't happen often, only like 3 times, over about 3 months. But I am worried that I have bad problems hidden somewhere. If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful!
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Over the years I've had too 'unexplained phenomena' problems that were eventually traced back to a mouse.
The last time I found that files were being deleted, or apps opened or closed without warning or action from me. On three occasions the whole shabang went into restart mode.

Fitted a new mouse (well, I borrowed one from a friend first as I was a bit broke at the time) and all problems ceased.

Nothing in Device manager showed the mouse had a problem but that's not totally unexpected is it?

Just a thought.
Bravo Mike C UK,
I spent 3 months with a problem like this. Reloaded windows 3 times and still had the problem. Just by chance I changed to another mouse and the problem was gone. Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them that the mouse was bad. I was beginning to think I was crazy. Glad to hear someone else had a similar problem and found a fix
I had a problem with a mouse that was really strange. Worked fine til I opened IE or Windows Explorer, after that, no matter what I did, every 2 seconds, the pointer would go from pointer to hour glass, pointer , hour glass. Restrart the machine, all fine till I went to IE or Explorer then start again.
Finally got a new mouse and the problem disappeared..
Really strange.
Welcome to the board Daisy,

It's pretty hard to troubleshoot a problem that occurs only once a month. Personally I get those sudden reboots about once every two months. Always online when it happens.

It could be due to a momentary voltage drop in the power supply or any number of things whose real causes are difficult to pinpoint. Perhaps line voltage in your area was low at the time.

For the time being I would not get overly concerned, you are more likely to create new problems trying to guess at it.
I hadn't thought of the voltage. Thats probably what it is. Being that I have a new mouse and the problem happened both with the old mouse and with the new one, I don't think thats it. But the power thing is most probable. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I guess I will really start worrying when it (knock on wood!) starts happening all the time. :) Thanks again!
Always plug your computer in through an excellent surge protector.
The prices of UPS's are cheap enough that everyone can afford them now. They will take care of any temporary voltage line drops and any of those critical times when you are transferring files when the power goes out.
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