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On X-mas I got a new printer (HP psc 1350 xi all-in-one copier/scanner/printer). I came home and installed the software. Soon after it started slowing down, then I restarted and it decided to die once it got to the login screen. Except there were no icons with names. It was just everything except them. About a month later, I decided to reinstall XP. This worked, except about half of the programs said their files were corrupt. Everytime I start up, I have to cancel the disk check that it wants to do every time I start up for me to be able to use the computer. If I don't, it gives me this:

\pagefile.sys entry contains a nonvalid link,
size of the \pagefile.sys entry is not valid,
\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP is cross-linked on allocation unit 163099

I reinstalled some programs. My sound driver is gone, so I have no sound. I'm not sure if any other drivers are gone. I reinstalled the printer software and it was fine. The computer is still acting odd, though.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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