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computer - pick a window, you're leaving

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Things are really getting out of hand with this dumb machine.

Last thread I posted didn't really have the desired affect so I'm trying again, I don't think I xplained v. well.

I have defragged C, run scan disk, uninstalled some rubbish, sent some ISP dialler thing (that just appeared, complete with half naked lady) to the recycle bin and can now at least access the net - well sort of.

My password keeps changing of it's own accord but, when I do manage to log on, the stupid thing keeps logging off all by itself (it's just done it again) and I get infuriating messages referencing 650, 720 errors and others.

I haven't had problems like this before today so can't imagine what the problem is, anyway, sending this now before I get shut out again.
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thx for info doyce :D

checked it out and got some good ideas for future probs. It's nice to know I'm not alone, for a moment back there I thought it was something I'd done. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing !! and, as mine is all self taught, you never know :rolleyes:

For some reason the thing appears to be OK this morning - time will tell !!!
I will help when and where I can.......and sometimes, even when I dont have a clue. :)
if it comes back, remove and reinstall TCP/IP. Be sure to rename the 386 files...
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