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Computer loading BIOS but giving red screen or no signal

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Hi dear fellows,

I just connected my brand new PC with the monitor, yet I fail to get windows on the screen.
The computer turns on, bios is accessible and visible on the screen, yet right after windows screen, the monitor goes bananas - red screens, green screens, blank and all over again. It appears it is trying different resolutions for some reason.
Any clue what is happening??

The PC has windows 10, six i5 cores and gtx 1050Ti, if that would be of help.

Thanks a bunch!
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OK, first of all you need to post your exact system specs; ie exact motherboard, exact processor, exact video card [if installed] exact pw supply, etc, etc. Do not post "500W pw supply" Post the exact brand and model# Do that for ALL of your parts.

If you purchased this as a built system, have you contacted the seller? If you start messing with it, you may void any warranty.
If you built the system, then we can proceed to attempt some basic troubleshooting.
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