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Computer failing to get past windows load screen

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Hi all,
I've been having big trouble with my computer and have been unable to fix it. About a week ago my desktop computer began doing this. Everything loads as normal to begin with and I get to the windows load screen, but then the screen blacks out, and then reappears with a pixelated version of the dotted loading circle and no windows icon above it, just a black screen.

I have gone through advice elsewhere and done a system restore - to no effect. I have disconnected all my devices during startup (flashdrive, mouse, keyboard) to no effect. I have also tried downloading the windows 'MediaCreationTool' (recommended by microsoft for this though I don't know why), installing it onto a flashdrive and loading the computer with the flashdrive inserted - no effect. I finally got to the stage where I've cleared the computer files and attempted to go through the windows re-install but it froze before the install and is now back to the same loading screen as before when I turn it on. I can access can access the BIOS menu when I hit delete as the computer loads and could access the repair screen when I hit tab, but it now wont load for some reason (after about 20 tries).

This started after a Windows 10 update tried to install itself a few times (for some reason it had asked to install the update 3 times and I let it do it each time) but this should not be an issue now I have reset my computer back to its original settings.

This computer is just for gaming so there are no important files I need, and if needs be I'll salvage parts for it because it's a good 4 years old now. Any help or advice to get it back up and running would be appreciated.

I can't access the specs except for those I can see on the BIOS menu:
Intel Core I7 CU 930 @ 2.80GHz
Windows 10
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Are you able to logon to the computer now? You said you did a system restore, so it seems that you can.

You also said you reset the computer to the original settings - does that mean you down graded it to Windows 8 or 7 ?
I ran the system restore from before the login screen (not sure what you call the screen but it's where you hit tab before the system loads up). I think I'm still on windows 10, I didn't click the option that said to return to a previous operating system, just one that reverted to previous settings.
I know you mentioned you performed a factory restore but I would recommend performing a clean install of Windows 10 to start fresh. It sounds like you may be having issues with installing from a USB so I would recommend installing from a DVD if possible. If not, I can help you try to get it working with the USB installer. Below is a good link for how to perform a clean install using a DVD.
Turns out the hard drive had died and I needed a new one, installed it and installed a new version of windows onto it and it worked fine. I tried the clean version of windows on the old hard drive and nothing happened still. Thanks for the advice.
Okay, I am glad you were able to get it fixed. Please mark thread solved and let us know if you need anything else.
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